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Obtaining entitlements and building permits can be a long and complex process. Often, the process can be streamlined by retaining a team with experience in processing various permits. Our history of working on both sides of permit processing, as government staff and representing clients, has proven to give our clients a strategic advantage in getting their projects approved quickly and at a lower cost.

Working with bureaucrats and elected officials requires a keen understanding of processes, politics, and nuances.
Our experience working with all levels of government in several jurisdictions has allowed us to build a knowledge base of what staff, decision makers, and elected officials want to hear and see. We leverage our deep-rooted relationships and contacts throughout all levels of government to make sure our clients’ voices are heard loud and clear.

Investors and entrepreneurs that have great business ideas sometimes struggle with not being able to find the right property or location to implement their ideas.
Our broad network of real estate agents allows us to be one of the first to access off-market and new property listings. Coupled with our expertise in zoning, we can quickly identify sites that may fit your needs. Once a site has been verified to meet your criteria, we help you secure a contract to purchase the property, we obtain the required permits and if desired, can recommend a licensed general contractor with experience in your construction type.

Making an informed decision before you invest in real estate is crucial in protecting your investment. Alternatively, you may already own a piece of property and would like to know what your zone allows you to do.
We spend significant time and effort researching historical documents, reviewing fresh title reports, utilizing our knowledge of land use, the zoning code, and the California Environmental Quality Act to determine what can be done, what permits are required, and make a recommendation on what we think the highest and best use of your property may be.

Preparing and attending public meetings can be intimidating, especially if there is opposition to your project.
Our meaningful relationships with stakeholder groups and interested parties allow us to build support for your project. Environmental groups, business groups, community groups, public figures, community leaders, and non-profits regularly attend public meetings in support of our projects, and if needed, can support your project too.

Effectively reaching your target audience is the key to success in strategic digital marketing.
Our social media team are proven experts in utilizing social media platforms and using best practices to reach the largest possible audience. Data obtained through strategic marketing can help provide important information to help you make fact-based informed decisions. 

Ensuring that you and your project are admirably represented in the court of public opinion can make a big difference in gaining public support. Our team of public relations professionals offers experience in preparing and sending out press releases, organizing large press conferences (with multiple media outlets in attendance), and ensuring that your story is aired fairly and promptly. Camera shy? No problem, we can assign an experienced spokesperson to speak on your behalf.

Applying creative visuals can help communicate complicated project components and engage a viewer’s thought process. In addition, creating dynamic graphics for businesses is essential to give owners a competitive advantage over the competition.
Our graphic design team has over 15 years of experience and is ready to assist and recommend themes, visions, ideas, and technical information into trending posts, presentations, and visual web content for you to leverage.

Having an ironclad information technology (IT) infrastructure for your business is a cost and time-saving asset which can help your business get to the next level. Our team is highly experienced in the IT field and can provide recommendations on a variety of technical aspects such as the latest software trends, web support, and other types of digital services.

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