Our philosophy is that the quicker we can get your project approved, the quicker we can help you on your next project.

What We Do

Kattoula & Associates is a private development firm that specializes in obtaining discretionary permits. In addition to discretionary permits, we also obtain building permits, grading permits, and several other types of regulatory permits that may be required as part of a new development project. We are a full-service company and can help you throughout the entire development process, starting with identifying and securing a property, obtaining a discretionary permit (ie, rezone or conditional use permit), retaining and overseeing the technical team (i.e. engineer or architect), representing the project owner at public meetings (i.e. planning commission or city council meeting), obtaining a building permit and recommending a general contractor that specializes in your type of project.

At Kattoula & Associates, we pride ourselves on seeking the least difficult permit process that would get your project approved the quickest. Our years of experience processing projects both in the public and private sectors have given us extensive experience on the “code” and the different areas that we can leverage to expedite your permit. We’ve worked with dozens of different technical experts such as engineers, architects, and biologists (to name a few) and our experience has taught us where issues may arise and how to mitigate them before they come to fruition.